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Why Work Out?

Why Work Out? Helie Chiropractic - Westminster, Colorado

Every day I treat patients that say “I don’t have time to work out” or “I hate working out.” Why is that? How can you hate working out? I get it, sweating is gross, and your body may be sore for a couple days. But sweat is weakness leaving your body and soreness goes away. And who doesn’t waste at least 30 minutes a day on a computer or other worthless piece of technology? It’s rarely they say I don’t have the money for a membership cause let’s face it, you can get a membership for 10 bucks a lot of places. I want to give you a few reasons to say, “I love working out and find the time for it!”

More Energy

We have all hit that wall in the middle of the day where we need, want, or crave energy drinks. We, those with kids, have all gotten home at 6 with your kids demanding your attention and time to wrestle, play, and/or throw a ball in the yard but you need time to rest. Well, it has been researched and proven over and over again that exercise improves your energy throughout the day. Whether it is energy at work you need to make you more productive, less sidetracked and more focused which leads to a boss that notices and gives you a raise, or so the jerk that already gets paid more than you and does less work doesn’t, that’s a great reason. To be a more hands on parent when you get home from work is the best reason. Summary: More energy leads to better work output which leads to more money. More energy leads to more quality time with kids, which there isn’t enough of as it is.

Improves Eating Habits

It’s no secret that after a workout you crave water. Why? Because you just sweat out a bunch, now you need to replenish it. Your body needs water, it is made of approximately 80% water. Sodas, juices, and caffeinated drinks only make you more dehydrated. The more water you drink in a day, the less hungry you are going to feel. Did you know that hunger pains are usually mistaken for a simple need for water? Water has no calories, fills you up and helps eliminate night time junk food snacking. Secondly, you spend time at the gym to develop and engineer the body you want, and working out regularly makes you think twice about your food choices. You will eat more vegetables, along with water which eliminates the pointless calories, and provides your body what it needs to improve strength and flexibility. Summary: Working out encourages you to eat healthier, drink more water and build the body you have always wanted.

Look Better Naked

We all have different opinions about ourselves and others. When you look into a mirror, what do you say about yourself? If you are happy, great. Most of us see in ourselves flaws that we complain about yet do nothing about. I say do something about it. The gym is a great place to start. When you are working out hard, sweating profusely, you aren’t caring about anything but push harder. Some of us need trainers to motivate us, others don’t. If you need a trainer, get one. Get home videos and let the trainers on TV kick your butt (Tony Horton, Shawn T. Jillian Michaels etc). You will notice over time, weight starts to fall off, confidence builds and you will start craving the gym. With improved confidence, you will appreciate and love yourself more, which will help others do the same. If you are single, confidence attracts, period. If you are married, working out can help get that husband or wife in better shape and back to where you were in your 20′s, no more explanation needed. Summary: Working out builds confidence, improves weight loss and makes you look better naked.

Overall Summary: Working out helps you make more money, have more energy, improved family time, improve eating habits, and builds self confidence. So go to the gym, it helps in all aspects of life.


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