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Massage Therapy

Helie Chiropractic

Audrey Baum Photo
Audrey Baum, L.C.M.T
Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

Audrey Baum has been a massage therapist for 11 years and specializes in Therapeutic massage.  Engaging her passion for helping people live life to it’s fullest, Audrey made the decision to focus on people who have been rapidly injured that need rehabilitation therapy along with massage.
Audrey enjoys the outdoors.  Spends time with family and her dog, Demon.  

Are you suffering from a chronic or acute pain, allergies, headaches, or trouble sleeping? Have you been involved in an accident?  Massage Therapy may be the answer for you.  At Helie Chiropractic Clinic, the massage therapists provide the treatment you need to recover from injury, sleep better and get back to living life.

The perfect addition to Chiropractic Care

For many patients, massage can be an extremely beneficial addition to traditional chiropractic care because it helps to reduce pressure on the spine. In this way, massage works in tandem with Dr. Helie to relax muscles, improve blood flow, release metabolic wastes, promote healing, and boost your immune system. In addition, Massage provides relaxation benefits that have been shown to prevent/eliminate stress and improve sleep patterns.

At Helie Chiropractic, your comfort comes first

From our front desk staff to our well-qualified team, we treat our patients with the utmost compassion and professionalism. We also make it easy and convenient to schedule your appointments with our online scheduling software and flexible hours.

If you’re tired of suffering, don’t delay: An outstanding patient experience is waiting for you. Call today to schedule your free consultation and determine if we can help.

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