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Chiropractic Care

Helie Chiropractic

This unique branch of medicine is based on the the relationship between structure and function: namely, that our bodies’ structure– its relationship of bone, muscle, cartilage, and other soft tissue structures– directly affects our health. At Helie Chiropractic, our approach to healing incorporates the following core beliefs:

Your body is powerful

Chiropractic care honors your body’s ability to heal itself. There are many factors to health: from heredity to good or bad habits, from the local environment to sleep patterns. By incorporating the entirety of these factors into patient care, Dr. Helie focuses on achieving and maintaining health naturally: by working with the body’s structure to improve its function.

Real care requires a whole patient approach

While your initial visit with Dr. Helie may be to treat lower back, neck pain, or automobile accident injury, you may be surprised to learn you’ve found a partner who can help you achieve not just pain relief– but optimum wellness. Chiropractic care sees patients as a whole person– not just the sum of their parts, and not an isolated complaint. When you come to Dr. Helie for chiropractic care you can expect over-all better health, not just the treatment of symptoms.

Free from artificial treatment methods

Chiropractic medicine is natural, patient-based medicine that focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself. When you work with Dr. Helie you receive care that is free from drugs (and their side-effects) or surgery. Instead, Helie Chiropractic utilizes a broad wide range of techniques to gently correct spinal subluxations (misalignments). Among other things, Dr. Helie may use manual adjustment, massage, or electrical muscular stimulation. All our treatments are natural methods of stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal through the body’s own communication system– working to initiate and coordinate the intertwined functions of cells, organs, and body systems.

One technique Dr. Helie commonly uses is Joint Mobilization. This is a manual technique, achieving therapeutic benefit through traction or sustained, oscillatory, or high velocity thrust. Joints– including ligaments, tendons and articular cartilage– do not have a significant blood supply. Therefore, joint structures are largely dependent on compression forces to move blood and lymph to and from your joints– keeping them oxygenated and healthy. The benefits of Joint Mobilization are manifold, helping your body heal itself through:

  • increased blood flow

  • ensuring proper relationship between the joint capsule and surrounding soft tissue structures to prevent damage

  • ensuring proper function of nerves and surrounding core muscles

Additionally, patients immediately benefit from:

  • increased range of motion

  • relief of pain and reduced swelling after injury

  • relief of nerve impingements and tension

  • break-up of any restrictions within joint ligaments and scar tissue

In Chiropractic Care, each patient is an individual:

Dr. Helie begins with a thorough evaluation that includes a case history, consultation and physical examination. X-rays are done only if the examination warrants it. During your visit you will receive a full chiropractic structural exam.

Working together with you, Dr. Helie will then construct a goal-oriented treatment plan unique to your body and its health needs. Because chiropractic doctors have the benefit of working in tandem with other healthcare professionals, we can easily incorporate other non-invasive, natural forms of healthcare into your treatment plan.


At our chiropractic clinic in Westminster, CO, we engage the expertise of other professionals– integrating Soft Tissue Mobilization, dry needle therapy, and massage into comprehensive treatment plans that ensure optimum wellness.

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