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What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic - Helie Chiropractic Westminster, CO

Dr. Adam Helie is a Chiropractor trained in the management and diagnosis of subluxations in Westminster, Colorado. A subluxation simply put, is when a joint in our body leaves it’s healthy position causing nervous system interference. We all know that our nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is our bodies control center. That control center is housed and protected by our skull and spine. We experience subluxations in a couple of ways; 1. Forceful trauma like a car accident or injury at a gym etc.. 2. more commonly, small repetitive traumas that accumulate throughout time which include unilateral repetitive movements, sitting for hours at a computer and rough housing with kids to name a few.


When we have trauma, our bodies are flooded with inflammation which is a natural and appropriate response to begin the healing process. If the inflammation occurs in the spine, it will cause the discs and surrounding tissue to swell preventing full range of motion which is why you may feel tight or stiff all the time without pain. The loss of motion is important to understand because a decrease in motion of a joint causes pressure on the nerves around that joint. At this point you may not have any pain but your body knows something is wrong. Our posture changes as a result and we tend to lean slightly away from the side of nerve irritation. An unbalanced posture now puts abnormal stress on our soft tissue structures like tendons, ligaments, muscles and cartilage making us more susceptible to injury. These structures are affected during our regular daily activities such as picking up kids, working on a computer and walking. When we add that extra weight for a person that works out at a gym, does Crossfit, trains for marathons, triathlons and/or hiking in the Colorado mountains, then that unbalanced posture affects us even more.

What Treatment Does

Chiropractic treatment helps by finding and removing subluxations. There are two types of Chiropractic Care. 1. Corrective Care – would include treatment following some form of trauma, and if you are in pain. 2. Wellness Care – would include treatment to remove subluxations before they have caused pain and to keep you on track following Corrective Care. Benefits of Chiropractic Care would include improved joint function and nervous system function, improved circulation, improved energy levels, improved muscle and soft tissue function, provides you with nutritional advice, and on a deeper level holds you accountable for your actions (regarding healthy eating, exercise and stretching).


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